Abandon Brewing Company is situated on 25 acres of vineyards and hops over-looking scenic Keuka lake. The land was purchased in 2010 and property was totally abandoned and in disrepair. With the help of local Mennonite builders, the barn and farmhouse were restored and modernized.

Today, AJ Noto and Sarah Struzzi-Noto run and operate Abandon Brewing Co. On any given day, you will find one or both of them on the premises, assisting customers and enjoying a brew.

Abandon Brewing Co is a family run business that strives to serve the highest quality beer, ciders and seltzers, while giving the customers a truly unique experience. With a commitment to reducing the impact on the planet through the brewing process, all of the process water is heated using a geothermal system installed underneath the parking lot. This system also aids in cooling the chilling system which helps maintain proper fermentation temperatures. To protect the watershed, the waste water is also reclaimed and treated. The cleaned and neutralized waste water is then applied to the surrounding vineyards to keep the water cycle going.

Whether in the taproom, ordering from the kitchen, or working with the event staff, you will feel welcome at Abandon Brewing Co. We know we have the best customers and we want you to feel that appreciation every time you walk through our doors.