We carry a selection of New York state wines and canned cocktails for you to enjoy.

  • Lakewood | Abby Rose (ABV 10.3%)
    A fun, fruit forward blush with a sweet finish.
  • Lakewood | Semi-Dry Riesling (ABV 11%)
    Perfectly in-between dry and sweet, this Finger Lakes favorite pleases every palate. Pairs well with local cheeses and good company.
  • Lakewood | Dry Riesling (ABV 11%)
    This dry, fruit forward Riesling shows notes of citrus and lime peel with mouthwatering acidity in the finish.
  • Chatea LaFayette Reneau | Rose (ABV 12%)
    Pinot Noir or Cabernet Franc Rose.
  • Glenora | Brut Sparkling (ABV 12%)
    Delicate fruit and fine yeasty flavors accompany a full body and crisp acidity. Bottle fermentation provides lively effervescence. This fine Sparkling Wine, which finished semi-dry, continues a history of winemaking excellence at Glenora Wine Cellars.
  • Brotherhood | I Love NY Red Wine (ABV 12%)
    This red blend is a medium to full-body wine with a fruit-forward character and is deep purple to ruby in color. The nose has plenty of blackberry, black cherry and subtle vanilla; with ripe fruit flavors and mocha notes that are both intense yet refined. The finish is long and complex with an elegant balance of sweet fruit and tannic structure.
  • Southern Tier Distilling | Cherry Vodka Cherry Spritz (ABV 5%)
    Gluten free vodka, flavors of cherry and a splash of lime.
  • Southern Tier Distilling | Vodka Citrus (ABV 8%)
    Gluten free vodka with soda water, lime, blood orange, pomelo & raspberry.
  • Southern Tier Distilling | Bourbon Smash (ABV 10%)
    Straight bourbon whiskey with notes of ginger, mint & lemon.
  • Southern Tier Distilling | Whiskey Mule (ABV 8%)
    Whiskey, chai, vanilla & orange bitters.