Enjoy a wide selection of beers on tap (listed below). We also carry hard ciders and seltzers on tap. A variety of beers are available in cans in our Tap Room.

  • 1. Blonde Ale (ABV 4.4%)
    A light beer for those hot summer days on the lake! Despite the light color and easily drinkable body, this beer has a nice flavor profile of bread and grain with a hint of light fruit character from the fermentation.
  • 2. Belgian Wit Bier (ABV 4%)
    This light Belgian wheat beer is a delicious and highly drinkable summer ale. Loaded with citrus character from a healthy dose of orange peel and coriander, it’s sure to brighten up those summer days on the lake!
  • 4. Belgian Golden Ale (4.2%)
    A light, smooth Belgian Ale, this beer is full of spice character from a warm fermentation. A touch of sweetness from the malt keeps this beer from going down too quickly.
  • 6. New England IPA (ABV 6%)
    Our New England IPA is hazy and juicy with great hop flavor and a smooth finish. Brewed with Cyro Citra, Cashmere, Chinook, and Mosaic hops, this easy drinking beer will taste great on a sunny day at Abandon.
  • 8. West Coast IPA (ABV 5.4%)
    This IPA utilizes Amarillo, New York Cascade, and New York Excelsior hops to build a big dose of pine and citrus flavors. A medium body with light notes of biscuit and caramel balance out the hop flavor, and it finishes with the firm bitterness an IPA should have.
  • 9. Abbey Ale (6%)
    An amber Belgian ale featuring dark fruit character from beet sugar syrup and spice notes from a traditional Belgian yeast.
  • 10. Pilsner (ABV 4.3%)
  • 11. Vienna Lager (ABV 4.4%)
    An amber lager style from Austria, this beer features a solid malt backbone, notes of toast and caramel, and a smooth character from a cold lager fermentation.
  • 13. Pumpkin Brown Ale (ABV 6%)
    Brewed with clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and all spice, this robust, full-bodied brown ale celebrates the crisp onset of autumn.
  • 14. Coffee Stout (ABV 4.2%)
    This rich stout is brewed with flaked oats for a nice silky body. Flavors of coffee, cinnamon, rum and pecan blend nicely with the addition of Jamaican Me Crazy coffee from Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters.
  • 15. Passion Fruit Seltzer
    A hard seltzer flavored with passion fruit.
  • 16. Dry Hopped Sour (4%)
    Dry hopped kettle sour brewed with Citra and NYS Chinook hops
  • 17. Semi-Dry Cider (ABV 5.6%)
    Our cider is made with apples grown a mile from the brewery. Fermented with an English yeast and lightly back-sweetened.
  • 18. Root Beer (ABV 0%)
    House-made non alcoholic root beer.